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Hey guys! On my quest to collect every Croc-related item in the world, I have accumulated a lot of extra collectibles that don't fit in with my collection: keychains, swings, charms, figures, and those all-important puchipons! So I'm selling them!

Here's the goods!Collapse )

*note: all new journal entries will be below this post. So be sure to check, ok? :D*
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23 July 2010 @ 09:28 pm
Yep, behind on these again. Fear not, this week's review is on it's way--just give me a day or so to get caught up. ^^

ONE PIECE chapter 591Collapse )
06 July 2010 @ 07:03 pm

ONE PIECE chapter 590Collapse )
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27 June 2010 @ 04:09 pm
...yes, I know the recap is late. Sorry, I've been super-busy with assorted real life stuff. I'll have it up by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Thanks for being patient on my tired ol' body. XD

Also, I have collectibles to sell. Expect a sale post in 3...2...1....
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16 June 2010 @ 05:46 pm
Why, yes I am. :D

- Oh, children. Did you see that nice little teaser trailer for "A Game of Thrones" last Sunday? Can we say awesome? Indeed we can~ ^^

True, it's only 20 seconds of seemingly random footage, but it still made me super-excited. There's nothing quite like seeing a long-awaited series (or rather, adaptation) make its way from the first bare rumors on fan forums to an actual HBO trailer. So after playing and replaying this trailer a few times, I saw:
  • Dothraki sparring during Daenerys and Khal Drogo's wedding (14 year old girl x 30 year old man--lol, feudal society ;p)
  • Ned with Theon, drawing his greatsword (Ice!!!!) from a wolf's head scabbard. Hell yeah. 8D
  • Stark bannermen, carrying the arms of House Stark (the grey wolf)
  • Some random women (probably whores) that did not appear anywhere in the first book. Well, you have to assume they'll include some non-canon scenes, all adaptations do.
  • Sir Waymar Royce, with a frightened expression on his face (and if you've read the first book, you know exactly why XD)
  • Sean Bean saying THE line of House Stark: "Winter is Coming."
Delicious. ^^

- I received a message yesterday regarding those wonderful puchipons that I had tried to order a few weeks ago--the ones that the seller supposedly lost? Yes, I bemoaned heartily about that. Well, it turns out that the seller actually found where he had misplaced the set and contacted my seller about it (I can't speak Japanese, so I buy via a third party). Anyway, it looks like I might be able to get that set after all! Which means....

CROC PUCHIPON!!! Yes, all this hassle is for a Crocodile collectible, but not just any Croc collectible--a super rare one. And I mean rare like, whoa. ^^ Unfortunately, I had to buy a bunch of other puchipons to go with it, but whatever. I'll just sell the spares. Which reminds me, I was planning to list some of my spare collectibles here once my order arrives. So, if you're interested in buying a few One Piece collectibles, keep an eye on this journal in the upcoming weeks, ok? ;D

I'm so happy~ <3

- Been watching the World Cup. I could make a lot of comments about the matches (Germany v. Australia and Spain v. Switzerland in particular right now), but there is a greater concern on my mind at the moment.

Those horns. The vuvuzelas. They are driving me insane. In case you haven't been watching the World Cup, this is what I'm talking about. I swear, that sound is probably the sound that comes from the trumpets in hell.

- Oho, just saw the stills for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Is this game gorgeous or what? Truthfully, I never did get into Twilight Princess. Just....I don't know. It seemed empty, somehow. The towns in particular were just horrendous. But this latest installment is looking promising. Guess I'll need to finally break down and get a Wii once this game is released. I managed to squeak by once because TP was released for the Gamecube as well as the Wii, but perhaps the time has come to finally upgrade. XD


Beelzebub fans, go look at the spoiler pictures. Now. NOW, I TELL YOU.

No, Tamura. Do not want. Fix it.  >:(
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11 June 2010 @ 06:47 pm
On time, for once! 8D Surprising actually, because I've been a little ill these past few days. Haven't gotten much else accomplished, but now that I'm feeling better (and there's a break in the chapters) I can get caught-up on some of my work.

FYI for my friends at doflacroc, "Pessimistic" is more than half-cleaned and typesetted, so I'll have the rest of it done ASAP. Thanks for your patience, m'dears. <3

Now, on to the recap:

ONE PIECE chapter 588Collapse )
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08 June 2010 @ 08:44 pm

ONE PIECE chapter 587Collapse )
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06 June 2010 @ 02:44 pm
- asdfhjlgfsa, I'm all backed-up in my work. It's a busy month for me in terms of real-life stuff, so I'm sorry about the delay for the recap. It'll be here either today or tomorrow though, iiee. Been preoccupied with some other stuff too. Just finished cleaning a nice little DoflaCroc doujin--not the once I've been working on this week, a different one (with less screentone to thwart me with). I've already sent it to my partner-in-crime, so pending her approval, it'll be uploaded to doflacroc later tonight/tomorrow. Good dialog in this one, so go check it out~ ^^

- Ugh, remember those collectibles I mentioned a few posts ago? Well, turns out the lot I was most eager to get had to be canceled because the seller apparently lost the set I was trying to purchase. Dammit, how can you lose $85 worth of goods?! Stupid. I'm still disappointed about it, because one of the figures in the set was something I've been trying to find for 6 months....lame. :(

However....Croc POP this month! Whoot! <3 Expect pictures and screaming later this month, oho.

- Early registration is this month. Can you believe that?! Seems like only yesterday I finished the semester! Cruelty, I tell you. It's far to soon to be thinking of school again, but I need to go sign up early so that I don't miss out on a spot in the classes I need. Bleh.....

- Oh yeah, that date I mentioned earlier sucked. What a prude. Oh well.

- Garlic bread pizza. It's awesome. That is all. *goes to exercise for a few hours* (=_=;)
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