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From what I've tasted of DESIRE

I hold with those who favor FIRE

29 December 1985
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Name: Vee, aka "Dervish"
Age: 24
Sex: often female.
Location: Southeastern Kentucky, USA
Job: College student/ healthcare aide
Hobbies: doodling, reading, websurfing, blogging, chatting, cooking, playing video games, photography, traveling, collecting figurines & art, writing, random computer stuff, stalking forums, being obsessively clean, volunteering, cleaning & typesetting scans, general photoshop mischief. Ect.

PSA: Feel free to add me, if you like. I enjoy making new friends and I promise not to bite you (unless you're into that).

Likes: Anime, manga, mp3s, photoshop, inappropriate humor, fiction, art, horror & sci-fi, dancing, fashion, astronomy, psychology, cats, sexual innuendos, hiding around corners and jumping out at people, sweets.

Dislikes: Liars, excessive rudeness, plagiarism, homophobia, insomnia, washing dishes, time limits, animal abusers, cherries, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, most children.

Currently: trying to teach myself how to draw. It's quite hard. (<--too ashamed to submit anything to DA). Also working on expanding my Crocodile & Doflamingo empire. Kuahaha. >:D